• IES RP-27.1-05

IES RP-27.1-05

  • Photobiological Safety for Lamps and Lamp Systems - General Requirements
  • standard by Illuminating Engineering Society, 10/15/2005
  • Category: IES

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This Recommended Practice covers the evaluation and control of optical radiation hazards from all electrically powered sources of optical radiation that emit in the 200 nm through 3,000 nm (3.0 um) range except for lasers and for light emitting diodes (LEDs) used in optical fiber communication systems. The required radiometric measurements require sophisticated instrumentation, for they deal with an extended source (not a point source), which may or may not be altered by diffusers or projection optics.

As this Practice explains, evaluating a broad-band optical source (incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, or lamp system) means first determining the spectral distribution of optical radiation emitted from the source at the point (or points) of nearest human access. Secondly, the size, or projected size, of the source must be characterized in the retinal hazard spectral region. Thirdly, it may be necessary to determine the variation of irradiance and projected radiance with distance.

No longer must users rely totally upon original equipment manufacturer (OEM) expertise. This Practice informs industry and the public about well known optical radiation hazards (and potential hazards) associated with various lamps and lamp systems. It is also provides guidance, advice, and standard methods for evaluating optical radiation hazards that may be associated with lamp products.


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