• IES AEDG-1-05


  • Advanced Energy Design Guide For Small Office Buildings
  • standard by Illuminating Engineering Society, 01/01/2005
  • Category: IES

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For developing energy-efficient buildings, the Advanced Energy Design Guide provides a sensible approach by including practical products and readily-available,"off-the-shelf" technology. The Guide offers you all the tools you need to create an energy-efficient building where the owners will see a 30 percent energy savings compared to buildings that only meet the minimum requirements of Standard 90.1.

This four-color guide presents a simple approach to energy design for contractors and designers of office buildings up to 20,000 ft. Ideal for the Contracting, Design and Remodeling industries, this peer-reviewed Guide features a user-friendly format and contains "how-to" guidance. The Guide provides benefits and savings for building owners while maintaining quality and functionality of the office space.


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